Social Media in a Word

sm word tweet

Marji’s orignal tweet with some of the first responses.

While there are so many advantages to social media, my favorite is the conversations that happen amongst different influencers. This is the basis for Growth Hackers, which is filled with interesting discussion forums with brilliant people sharing ideas. No matter what the industry, you can always find an interesting discussion going on between people you may otherwise never have the chance to talk to. The other day, I came across a conversation started by Marji Sherman, a social media specialist. She posted the question asking, “If you could define social media in one word, what would it be?” This question generated a lot of response from people all across the “Twitterverse” and they ranged from “addictive” to “spastic” to “pivotal” to “community”. This interaction reminded me what social media should look like, people sharing their ideas with others that are genuinely interested in what they have to say, which leads me to my word for social media: conversation.

Here we see Marji Sherman starting a conversation amongst her followers with one question. While a lot of these people probably don’t know each other and they all view social media in different ways, they are all able to share their opinions and thoughts with each other, a feat unimaginable without the power of social. Twitter, and other forms of social, gives individuals and businesses the opportunity to have all their customers, or fans, in one space and say, “This is what I am about.” It is an incredible opportunity that should not be ignored. Not only are you able to tell everyone what it is you stand for, you can also talk directly to these people about what they stand for and why. You, as a business or individual, are able to start conversations with people that are interested in what you do. Social media has put the world in a constant conversation with one another that allows, us as a business, to further understand who is listening to us and why. At our fingertips, we have an incredible, mostly free, tool that allows you to be part of these conversations. Use it. Talk to your customers and followers, not at them. Don’t miss this opportunity to really engage with those that are interested in you and what you are doing.

What is the one word you would use to define social media?


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