Building Your “Brand”

There is a lot of talk lately about your “presence” on social media. There is advice about how to stand out from all the others and make your brand unique. But, what makes up your “brand”? Your brand is a compilation of all the different things that represent you: your product, your employees, your content, your customers, etc. By building your brand, you have to get your knowledge about all of these things out to the public, mostly through social media.

Customers are not always going to be invested in you for simply a product or service because more than likely, your competitors can offer something similar. They are invested in you because of your brand, that something that you have that no one else does. However, it is up to each individual business to determine what sets them apart from others. It could be your witty sense of humor that allows you to be clever and appropriate in the 140 allotted characters. Or it could be your customers, and your brand’s main job online is to shine a spotlight on your truly extraordinary customers.  Or you may have extreme knowledge about your field, evident through your blog posts. Whatever makes you and your business unique use that to “build your brand.”

This can all be boiled down to having a personality. In order to get people invested in your business, they have to know who you are and what you represent. For really the first time in history, businesses are able to connect directly with their customers on a large scale. Don’t miss out on this opportunity. Social media allows you to tell the world who your business is and why you matter. Build a brand that people love, and they will come.


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