Organic Reach on Facebook and How it Affects You

If you are like most small businesses, you probably have a company Facebook page that you use to get information out to your current customers and engaged with potential customers; you might have used this page to inform your audience about deals, events and services. Facebook proved to be an excellent, free tool that allowed you to reach your customers and keep them informed. Unfortunately, Facebook is still a business and they still have the end goal of making money. Therefore, the small business owner’s paradise of organic reach through Facebook has slowly been falling through their fingertips. Organic reach started at 16% in 2007 and has been decreasing ever since. Furthermore, due to recent algorithm changes, the organic reach on Facebook is expected to be cut down drastically to a mere 1-2%. The purpose of this in the eyes of Facebook is to encourage businesses to purchase ad space on Facebook opposed to just getting advertising for free. Clearly though, this hurts the small business that maybe does not want to pay for advertising on Facebook.

While Facebook advertising is relatively cost-effective and can be fairly effective when targeted correctly, there is more that businesses can do to get their brand out there. By having customers and brand advocates recommend and promote your business on their own Facebook page, it allows your business to be out in the online sphere, receiving organic, unparalleled exposure without paying for ads. In addition, by utilizing other social networking platforms, which have yet to lose organic reach, such as Twitter, your business can still reach your customers without a huge bill.



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