The Problem with Reviews

There is an epidemic going on in the world of customer reviews. They are near non-existent and businesses seem to have little control over the few reviews written about them. What exactly is the problem you may be asking? There are plenty of outlets for customers to express their opinion about a company. But who are actually posting reviews on all these avenues? There are those customers that will always write a review on a site such as Yelp, but these are typically the people that have had extreme experiences, both good and bad, and are looking for an avenue to vent their frustrations. In a recent study, it was discovered that only 4.7% of your customers are providing 100% of your customer reviews. So how do you get the unengaged, the 95.3% that don’t write reviews, to promote your company?

One of the main problems with most review websites is the process of reviewing. When a happy customer wants to write you a positive review, they are forced to look at a blank white box and formulate sentences about your business and they may not have anything specific to say other than “You’re awesome!” or “I like it here”. Then they give up and leave it to the 4.7% that will review your business. In addition, what is missing from customer review sites is the social interaction. Most of the time, you are reading reviews written by strangers. When family or friends write these reviews, they are immediately more credible. In addition, 81% of people would be willing to share their experience online through social media with their friends and family. Yet they aren’t.

Now comes the question of how to fix this problem. While businesses can ask customers to write reviews for them on Yelp or similar sites, it still leaves the customers to author their own reviews which can be an overwhelming task. In order to increase customer acquisition and in turn business, there must be an emphasis put on reviews and getting those reviews from the customer to their friends and family. And it is becoming quite clear that the easiest form of communication to friends and family is through social media. By getting customers to write reviews for your business and then publishing those reviews on social media creates a larger audience for your business to reach out to and in turn, more business.


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