13 Social Media Experts to Follow

The world of social media marketing can be a difficult one to maneuver. With technology changing constantly, it seems difficult to find your place in the vast world of the internet. Luckily, there are plenty of social media experts out there who make it their goal to help you manage your social presence. So, without further ado, here are my favorite thirteen social media bloggers/tweeters, in no particular order, that make social media easy.

1.  Pam Dyer:

One of Forbes Top Social Media Power Influencers, Pam writes about social media marketing and always provides great tips and advice for conquering the online world. Follow her @pamdyer and check out her website.

2.  Chris Makara:

As an “interactive marketing and digital strategist”, Chris deals with anything digital. His blog always has excellent advice about content marketing and making winning blog posts. Follow him on twitter @chrismakara or check out his website

3.  Laura Fitton:

Laura is a writer for HubSpot and founder of oneforty.com. She co-wrote Twitter for Dummies. She is responsible for getting business involved in Twitter and was the first to start a consultancy business particularly for twitter. Her tweets are always provides adorable and insightful. She focuses on inbound marketing and Twitter. Follow her @Pistachio and read more about her.

4.  Shay Moser:

As a writer for Social Media Today, Shay writes specifically about startups. If you are interested in the up and coming companies in the social media field, be sure to check out Shay on Twitter @shaymoser or read her articles via Social Media Today.

5.  Ekatrina Walter:

A Wall Street Journal Best Selling author, Ekaterina is constantly providing helpful advice for startups. She is the author of Think Like Zuck and The Power of Visual Storytelling. Follow her @Ekaterina or go to her website.

6.  Charlene Kingston:

Charlene makes social media marketing a piece of cake with her DIY advice. Always helpful, she simplifies social media for businesses and helps everyone become social media pros. She is also a featured blogger on socialmediaexaminer.com (@SMExaminer) Follow her @SocialMediaDIY or check out her website.

7.  Amy Porterfield

Amy is a social media strategist that co-authored Facebook Marketing All-In-One for Dummies. She always tweets the best advice and links to awesome articles. Follow her @AmyPorterfield and check out her website.

8.  Sheila Hibbard

Sheila is an expert Social Media and Marketing guide. She thrives to help small businesses grow their presence on social media. Her blog themarketingbit.com provides helpful advice about social media marketing. Follow her @sheilahibbard.

9.  Mari Smith

Mari’s claim to fame is mastering social media marketing, particularly on Facebook, which got her named as one of Forbes Top Social Media Power Influencers. Follow her @marismith or check out her blog.

10. Kim Garst:

One of Forbes top ten social media influencers, Kim uses Twitter and Facebook to provide advice and helpful tips to master social media. Follow her @kimgarst and check out her website.

11. Jay Baer

This best-selling author runs convinceandconvert.com, which focuses on marketing online and on social media. He is constantly coming out with impressive content that informs and entertains. Follow him @jaybaer.

12.   Jeff Bullas

If there is anything you ever need to know about blogging, you can find it on jeffbullas.com. Jeff always provides excellent advice about how to create a solid social presence online. Follow him on Twitter @jeffbullas.

13.   Brian Solis

Brian Solis covers everything from business relationships to the philosophy behind selfies. Always interesting and relevant, Brian Solis has become one of the most listened to voices in the world of social media. Follow him @briansolis or check out his blog.

Obviously there are so many more that I could include, but then this list would be never ending. Maybe a part two will come soon. If so who else should be included? Who is your social media guru?





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