Customer Engagement Online

Today, many business are acting as if it is "business as usual" without recognizing the new form of "usual"

Today, many business are acting as if it is “business as usual” without recognizing the new form of “usual”

Once upon a time businesses spoke for themselves. Back in those days companies existed with the sole goal of selling their product or service. Today, the marketplace has changed, forcing businesses to be in the public eye at all times, forcing them to not just create a product but create a brand that continuously engages consumers. Unfortunately, many businesses are still living the same “business as usual mentality”. Businesses must form an online persona that keeps customers interactive and entertained with their brand. Engaging customers online is easy if you follow these simple tips to creating a brand online.

1. Have a personality!

No one likes being around someone who is boring and lacks a personality. Customers are the same way with companies. Be it funny or informative, make sure your brand is one that people want to be around.

2. Make your content count

Nobody wants to read endless tweets that don’t tell them anything. Make yourself an authority in your field by producing relevant and interesting content without bombarding your audience.

3. Have a conversation.

Whether you are on Twitter, Facebook or whatever else, talk with your customers not at them. Always have the wants and needs of your customers in mind. This could be using your social media/network space to promote others in your field. By doing this you will seem less self absorbed and more interested in the needs and wants of your customers.

4. Make the appropriate ask.

A great thing about social media is how easy it is to share things you’re your friends. If you have a promotion or a cool new product, ask you’re your customers’ help! Have them share it with their friends to increase your exposure. Social media is an excellent forum for getting your customers to do some of the work for you. Use this to your advantage by asking for retweets or likes. Check out these statistics by Dan Zarella to see what asks work best.

5. Embrace Change

Sometimes your first or second tries won’t work but don’t give up on using social media to promote your business. Social media is always changing and in order to stay relevant, you must change with it.

What do you think is the best way to engage customers online?



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